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 Do you wish to have a Mass offered for the intention of someone on the occasion of a birthday, an anniversary or special need; in thanksgiving for a favor received; for the needs of self; for the needs of others; for the repose of the soul of someone who has died?
When a priest offers Mass, he has three intentions: First, to offer the Mass reverently and validly in accord with the norms of the Church. Second, to offer the Mass in union with the whole Church and for the good of the whole Church. Third, to offer the Mass for a particular intention (see examples above). The general fruits and infinite graces which flow from Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross re-presented in the Holy Mass benefit the souls of both the living and the dead in this world and in the next. For this reason, in the Canon of the Mass (the Eucharistic Prayer), a special mention is made for both the living and the dead. To have your personal intention offered during the Mass in any one of our three churches, please contact the Office at 613-398-6745 or 
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Mass Schedule until June 18 - 
Saturdays 3, 3:30pm - St. Francis of Assisi church, Frankford
Sundays 9, 9:30, 10am - St. James the Minor church, Stirling

Weekday Masses and Liturgy of the Word:
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday at 9am at St. Francis Church, Frankford
Wednesday at 3:30pm at St. James the Minor, Stirling
Friday at 10am at St. James the Minor, Stirling 
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               or call the Parish Office at 613-398-6745.